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Who's your P4P champ?

Updated: Jul 6, 2023


Companies are always looking for ways to maximize the value they get from hires, and this is especially true in a time of conservatism and careful restructuring of teams.

The goal is to get "pound-for-pound" more out of the resources they have invested in these teams, in order to drive better business outcomes and increase their competitive advantage.

One of the ways that companies are looking to achieve this is by embracing a more T-shaped skillset within their data teams. Simply put, this refers to an individual who has a deep expertise in one particular area, as well as a broad range of skills across other areas.

It could be argued that this allows companies to extract more value out of their teams.

For example, a data analyst with a T-shaped skillset might have a deep understanding of statistical analysis, but also have a working knowledge of programming, data visualization, and business operations. This allows them to not only analyze data, but also effectively communicate their findings to a wider audience, and implement recommendations in a way that drive real impact.

We're seeing more and more that T-shaped skillset is becoming increasingly important as data teams are expected to become P4P more efficient. Companies that are able to build data teams with T-shaped skillsets will be better positioned to extract value from their data, and drive better business outcomes as a result.

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