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What's everyone's views on 'Web 3.0'?

Updated: Jul 6, 2023


For those that aren't aware of the term: 'Web 3.0' has been lauded the next, and natural iteration of 'Web 2.0'... which is the very foundation upon which we are communicating, right now.

It will de-centralize the existing model and our current version of the web, which is of course argued- exactly the anti-thesis of what 3.0 claims to be, de-centralized, accountable, and transparent.

It seems somewhat 'utopian' to think about a world in which we can finally claw back ownership and visibility over our data, particularly as we become ever-cognizant, and indeed- disillusioned about the integrity of our data; but seeing as I know very little on the 'real-time' progress made on the eventual arrival of 'Web.3.0', and seemingly that much is shared- do we think it's likely that this, potentially brilliant evolution of the web as we know it will indeed happen(in the mainstream) and if so- will it be architected in such a way that will truly fix societal issues catalysed by negligence of regulation on data privacy, and the growing threat of technocracy?

As someone who was, and remains unconvinced by blockchain and 'de-centralized' technology, but equally- terrified by the diminishing level of accountability and transparency particularly demonstrated by arguably the most responsible, ad-tech monopolies, I really hope this provides a refresh on a model that cannot continue.

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