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AI Ethics

Updated: Jul 6, 2023


In light of Data Privacy Day, I feel we should instead be placing the spotlight on #AIEthics...

Arguably, there should be no distinction between the two- Data Privacy should also extend and be inclusive of the way in which we regulate AI for ethical( what is defined ethical by some organisations/bodies is questionable)purposes.

The rate of advancement in AI continues to sustain pressure to develop a universal solution to the containment and regulation of its power; ensuring we reap the benefits, whilst negating the risk of a killer cyborg army...think I-Robot meets Red Buses and Fish and Chips.

The question is almost always: How and why should this impact my life?

A valid question.

AI is set to eventually influence and re-engineer every conceivable Industry(some more than others) and naturally this will impact all of us, in some capacity.

How will we regulate AI bias on the basis of: Race, Sex, Ethnicity, etc. and how will the failure to do so impact us?- One prime analogy can be found in Financial Services...Think about the application for a loan/mortgage.- How can we ensure that AI will not differentiate whom is entitled based on the colour of our skin/disability from birth?- Perhaps you have more stark examples.

In reality, the ethical issues surrounding AI are far too vast, as they are unclear at present time; as we navigate the true power of A.I.

What now, then? I employ us to think about how we can develop a universal regulatory framework for AI and how we can adopt this efficiently at the Enterprise level.

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