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The New Working World...

As we dawn upon a new age of remote working...

What do we feel are some of the core values that will act as enablers for this to work effectively?

Testing times for many business lay ahead, especially those whom lack the necessary Infrastructure in place to enable for collaborative home working in a time where we remain confined to our sometimes incredulously-inventive home office set-ups( I`ve heard a few different wild stories, involving cardboard boxes, etc.)..

In my opinion, TRUST- more than ever, has become a core value for supporting a successful remote set-up.

We at DVF benefit from working in a tight-knit, highly collaborative team( who actually have each-others numbers` saved, I hope...) but for those business of scale/enterprise level- how do we then create an effective, yet fair equilibrium between "Big Brother" and "Laissez Faire"?


Trust is not, as some may think, one-dimensional, instead this has to be upheld by both the employer and the employee.

Historically, even before the dawn of the Internet age- trust, or lack-thereof has almost always been about lack of visibility or more importantly INFORMATION; whether this be: relationships, trade/commerce, etc. understanding the whole picture is key.

Same applies to when we are working on similar or identical projects, where we are forced to delegate and trust our equals to deliver and conclude set chunks of work.

I`m already very pleased to hear a lot of my clients are doing so well, even amidst the predicament we`re in- would love to hear and share ( if happy to do so), any success stories so please drop me a PM.

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