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We exist to enable ambitious companies to hire the kind of talent that will define their business.

Building the next Unicorn, or need help Unicorn hunting?

We're here to help.


We've supported over 35 unique start-ups across 3 continents, 8 globally-recognised organisations and successfully built: Data, Actuarial, Engineering, and Product capabilities from 'ground-zero'.


We launched Founders Circle to *place* faith back in the industry, to truly provide a solution for growing and often complex, scaling businesses.


Growing a world-class business is not for the feint hearted, and that’s why you need the right, trusted partner to support this very journey. Everyone on our team has to be capable of representing your brand and telling your story in the best way possible.





Sometimes, the grass really is greener!

Bettering yourself should be a wholly positive experience. Our collective goal is to ensure you feel supported and represented throughout the entirety of the process. Fortunately, we’ve supported over 100 unique organisations as a team and worked with thousands of individuals from every corner of the world so we are best-placed to support you with guidance and advice that will hopefully serve you throughout your future.

Lead Machine Learning Ops Engineer- Fraud Detection Start-Up: 

"Dean was a complete joy to work with as he was succeeding in positioning me as a Lead Machine Learning Engineer in one of his clients. From the very first moment of our conversation on the phone, Dean gave me the impression that we were friends helping one another in my journey of finding a new job. He texted me before any meeting to make sure I am totally on board. He made sure to seek the answer to any question I had prior to an interview so that I feel completely comfortable taking it. I would highly recommend Dean."

Founder of Clean-Tech Start-Up: 

"Dean was great to work with, he understood FruPro' s culture and values. He brought us a very talented mix of potential candidates and helped us find a brilliant tech advisor. Looking forward to working with him again in the future."

Data Scientist, Insur-Tech Scale-Up:

"After I completed my Masters programme I approached several recruiters to find a role as a Data Scientist but found they were either putting me forward for the wrong positions or none at all. When I met Dean I was so pleased to find a recruiter who really took the time to understand what I wanted through talking me several times and reading my cv thoroughly. He therefore understood my strengths and weaknesses and soon found the perfect job for me which was beyond what I could have hoped for. I am so grateful for his hard work and dedication to his work and would definitely seek his assistance in the future if I was job hunting again."

Senior Full-Stack Engineer, 'Tech for Good' Insur-Tech:

"When Dean initially reached out, I wasn’t actively looking to change jobs but was interested in hearing about what was out there. Dean helped me find the perfect role that matched my experience and interests well and exceeded my wishes for salary and a tech-for-good employer. "

Pricing Manager, Travel Insurer:

"Dean was a great guy from start to finish, always incredibly friendly and attentive. Nothing was too much trouble even going back and forth with my now new employer. Called when he said he would and kept to the time frames agreed. Thank you so much for all your hard work Dean I really appreciate it and would highly recommend you to anyone that would listen :) first class."

Founder, Insur-Tech:

"One of our best insurance specialized recruiters (and now friend!) Some of our key hires (first actuary, CTO, Head of Risk Intelligence, ...) have come from him, so he knows his stuff. I rarely give recommendations to recruiters, but Dean is one that deserves it"

Principal Actuarial Data Scientist, Motor Insur-Tech:

"Dean is efficient, committed and a pleasure to work with! Throughout the recruitment process he made an effort to understand my exact skillset, interests and career ambitions and he managed to match those to fantastic roles that I would never have considered otherwise. He was also incredibly supportive during the interview process, and whenever I had any questions and concerns, he was always available for a call. Thanks again Dean!"

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