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UK Data Salary Report| Q2

Updated: Sep 4, 2023


Looking to build a data team? It might be time to conduct a pulse check.

To state the obvious... experience pays, and it pays well!

However, what is perhaps more interesting is to see that there are some real outliers in the data analytics space when it comes to salary offerings. Some companies are primed and ready to pay a premium to hire the best talent; others fall considerably short of the pack. There are some reflections on this in the above report.

We have found a number of interesting trends emerge. Hiring companies have been forced to think creatively to ensure they remain an appealing destination to the best percentile talent on the market. Strategies include enabling staff to work reduced working weeks. 4-day week trials have become standardised in some companies and there have been some really positive success stories to note following this.

Flexibility, trust and enabling your employees to work creatively and autonomously means that you'll be able to compete even when your salary offering isn't in the top quartile. However, it's time for organisations to conduct a 'pulse check' and see how they stack against the market.

I hope this proves a useful guide. If you'd like any further salary benchmarking reports, or have any questions relating to the market then please get in touch!

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