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Against the Tide of Technology

Updated: Jul 6, 2023


We all deserve a right to unplug ourselves from the constant whir of Technology, in spite of the human brain's crave for new data, new information, regardless of how valuable or relevant(I for one am quick to get lost in the abyss of LinkedIn/YouTube)...

Knowingly, in writing this I am the literal anti-thesis of this.

There is often a hidden( or not so hidden) expectation from our: Friends, Family, perhaps colleagues and-the-like to remain instantaneously accessible.

Sometimes it`s OK to unplug ourselves from Technology.- I could quite easily churn out some statistics to support this, but I`d like to think we are all acutely aware of, at least the potential harmful effects of constant usage of "Smart Technology".

However, one interesting study alludes to the fact that the beneficiaries of refraining from becoming "over-connected" could extend far beyond our own mental welfare.- Instead, the study revealed that, in the satisfaction of our exposure to social interaction through the eyes of Technology, the user demonstrated far less "pro-social" behaviours in actuality.

In short, the stark truth is such that in our advocacy of Technology (especially for social purposes), we are greatly reducing our chances of remaining connected in earnest.

Hopefully "food for thought" this Sunday Afternoon and If I`ve caused even one individual to turn their phone off, even by way of boredom- then I`ll deem this a wide success!

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